Handmade Christmas Stocking

To anyone who is a sole trader and runs their business on their own, you would appreciate the difficulty in managing all aspects of the business. There are many different hats to wear and a variety of skill-sets are required.

So it's pretty obvious I love to make and design. My head is full of new ideas for project bags, different colours to dye yarn and my next crochet pattern to publish. None of this feels like work and I can get up in the morning full of enthusiasm when it's a betsy business day if any of the above is on the to-do list.
Then there's the admin. Not so much of a favourite task! I don't mind packing my orders as I'm always full of gratitude when someone buys from my shop. And ordering fabrics is good fun, but then that's more part of the design process (see above). Accounts - thumbs down. But it needs to be done and whilst I probably should tackle the task on a more frequent basis, I get it sorted by the HMRC deadline (and sometimes even before!)

Its the promotional part that's hard. Social media such as this blog, Instagram and my YouTube channel play a big part in this. By being able to share photos and information via these methods I can get the word out and showcase what I have to sell. This is fine, I like transparency, I'm running a business and I need custom. So why do I feel awkward about it, as if I'm shoving things in people's faces without invitation? 
I hate cold callers at my door by the way, they get short shrift from me!

As time goes on I have started to feel a bit more comfortable with the 'selling' aspect of my business, after all my customers are very intelligent people and can decide for themselves what they want to spend their money on 😉
So here I am, not apologising at all (!) for wanting to promote my new pattern and kit that I have in my Etsy store.

Handmade Christmas Stocking!

You can buy the PDF pattern from either my Etsy store, Ravelry or Love Crochet.com and make it in any fabric and yarn colour combination you choose! Please @ me on Instagram if you share pics of your project, I'd love to see.

I have also got some kits in my Etsy Shop too, in traditional Christmas colours and also more of a contemporary version. The kit includes all the fabric and bits and pieces needed to complete the stocking, including the printed out pattern and comes in a jolly gift box.

Merry making my friends!

Sam xx


  1. It is a beautiful stocking Sam. Go for it and sell your creativity! Jo x


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