Podcast Episode 35

I've recorded a special podcast today because I wanted to share news about what is going on in my Etsy shop. I've got an update this evening at 7pm (1st September 2018) where I will be listing 'Strictly Sock Yarn' and also Love in the Mist bags that will help to raise money for the Marie Curie Charity.


Sandra Cherry Heart project bag pattern can be purchased ::here::

Find out more about the Strictly Sock Along in Ali's podcast ::here::, and her Instagram feed ::here::

Find out more about the Flower Power Fund ::here:: on Instagram and ::here:: on Facebook.


  1. Hi there. Don't worry about the persistent comment on the sound quality - it is fine. As long as it is okay for the majority, the onus is on the minority to find a solution to their problems with their own equipment. Perhaps they could improve things their end? Or simply turn up the sound. Don't feel the need to be forking out for expensive sound equipment. There are never any guarantees anyway. Some people seem to have rather expensive cameras (which can do strange focusing things - not necessarily good things) and others use their phones which seem just fine as well, so lots of technical stuff doesn't seem to be too essential. There was no terrible distracting noise for me either, it was all okay. You can't please all of the people all of the time, especially grumpy ones.

    We are lucky you spare time for us at all! Thank you for taking time out of your busy day. You are a big favourite as you are a lovely person (always friendly and welcoming and chatty) and your things are so nice. I really like the variety of things you show us from sewing to crochet to knitting. Always such pretty things, beautifully made, no matter what the craft. I am loving your beautiful blanket you are doing right now as it is so pretty. Really looking forward to seeing it grow. I always love to see you have a new podcast, and find time spent in your company very enjoyable. Thank you so much for sharing your things with us :)


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