Podcast Episode 28

Hello my lovely friends, happy new year to you all!

I've recorded a podcast for the first time in ages!

Visit my Ravelry project page for details of:

I also show you my wooden sock blockers from Alex Workshop Designs on Etsy

And mention the #oneskeinwonderlandcal, details can be found here.
Happy watching!

Sam xx


  1. Just catching up with podcasts. Loved all your finished objects. Am going to get the nativity and pumpkin Patch patterns. May be you should do a nativity CAL? Been meaning to make a nativity set for ages and you have so encouraged me. Am going to make a start so that it is finished in plenty of time. Mad I know but I just won’t get it done otherwise. I too have blankets on the go. Currently two in the making and have just bought yet more yarn for the much awaited Cherry Heart pattern due to be coming out soon (?). Currently got a honeycomb blanket and the Cherry Heart Faded Roses one on the go. GOT TO FINISH THEM. Also got her Moonlit Shawl in progress. Seeing your finished one has inspired me to get cracking. I’ve been so busy getting the house cleared of clutter and freshened up which then upsets my beloved cat Mollie. Anyway good to see you back and looking so well. Take care. Lesley

  2. Looked for a reference to the book you shared that had a lovely top part knit part crochet, did I miss it? Would you be so kind as to remind me if the name? Thank you! Lovely podcast!


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