I'm pleased to report that I have finished two of my WIP's and it's only the 6th January!

So I thought I would begin this new year with a determination to get organised with my projects and I collected them all up and listed them on Ravelry (because sometimes I do forget to do that). I was a bit embarrassed to find I had ten things on the go, including 4 crochet blankets so decided to focus on finishing them and track my progress by taking a screen shot of my 'in progress' page on Ravelry and posting it on Instagram. 
There's nothing like going public to help with my motivation :o)

Seriously though, by focussing in on what I have half made has been a good exercise so far, and hopefully will continue. My aim is to average 4-5 wips at any one time, and to have finished all the ones I have now in January 2018 by December this year. I think that is certainly achievable. I plane to #screenshotmywips on the first of every month and post on Instagram.

The first of the two hats to get done was the Binghamton Hat for my eldest daughter. The pattern is called Lake Reed by Asita Krebs and is made in the divine Nest yarn by Willow & Lark in colour Milk. It is so, so soft and an absolute pleasure to knit.

The second one is a Sockhead Hat by Boho Knits made in some yarn by Cosmic Strings that I bought at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival (colour tobacco). They do have an Etsy shop if you want to check it out.
I deliberately didn't make it slouchy as I don't think it would suit me. The peach pom pom finishes it off perfectly and I love it!!!
I'm even more impressed to find that I have only used half of the skein of yarn, meaning that I can make a pair of socks with the remaining 50 grams.

Happy days!!!

So far, so good with my New Year intentions. I know we're only six days in but you gotta celebrate the small achievements!

take care my friends, see you soon

Sam xxx


  1. Absolutely you have got celebrate these things! These are both just beautiful.

    S x

  2. I just watched your podcast yesterday and was admiring the cream hat for your daughter - good work on finishing it so quickly! It is beautiful! Those pompoms look great - two finished objects this early is a definite achievement!

    I'm trying to finish some WIPs too, but it's not going as quickly for me! x

    1. Hi Maria,
      Happy New Year! I'm starting with the smaller things / those nearly finished to keep my motivation going. When I get to the blankets and the jumper (that is only just started) I may begin to wane!!
      Your enormous wool is amazing!! That knits up quickly!!

      Sam xxx

  3. I'm looking for the pattern for the afghan pictured here https://indulgy.com/source/betsymakes.blogspot.fr
    Can you help me out?
    Thanks in advance!!


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