Craft Room aka Sofie's Bedroom

I've often considered having space in my home for crafting a bit of a luxury. With four children we have always filled the house and it's been years since I had a 'spare' room. I haven't even got a spare cupboard. I spend a lot of time moving things from A to B and thinking of ways to organised better and every now and then have a big cull of the clutter to clear space.

Little Poppet is still very much in the toy era. She has the smallest bedroom but the most stuff so the vivid pink Barbie house and the vast collection of play doh paraphernalia as well as the entire Beales toy department is downstairs in the conservatory (which is not used for anything other than a dumping ground as it's old and in need of replacing so therefore freezing at this time of year and too hot in the summer)

However with my small business finally showing a small profit; a much needed addition to my council salary, having a work area is becoming essential. 
Trouble is I still don't have a spare room so I 'share' with my eldest daughter. Whilst she is away at uni (and at the moment is studying in the US so doesn't pop home for weekends) her bedroom is my craft room. I'd cleared out all my things for her return at Christmas, and when she flew back a few weeks ago I took the opportunity to give the walls a lick of paint and move the furniture to better suit my needs. Her bed still remains of course, but otherwise it's a work area. She doesn't mind by the way, I have made sure she knows it's a practical arrangement and not me trying to shove her out :o) !!!

Come the summer though, when she's at home for 3 - 4 months I will have to think of an alternative work area.  I'll cross that bridge when I come to it but in the meantime enjoy the luxury of my craft space with the clean, fresh white walls and cubby holes and baskets of yarn to play with.

Thanks for popping by,

take care

Sam xx


  1. Looks amazing, what a beautiful work space.

  2. It definitely makes sense to use the space while she's away. It's looking very lovely and organised! Happy creating! xx

  3. How wonderful that you can share the space with your daughter. I love how organised you are :)

  4. I wish I had a 'normal' looking craft room like that. I'm scared of my sewing space!!! lol

  5. I have a spare room when my daughter left home many years ago now i couldn't go in her room to many memories . After a couple of years ago i decorated it and put new carpet down it is now my hobby room i have my sewing machine in there my adult colouring books ' a load of wool lots of it and wherei decorate small things like mirrors and other crafty things and of course my computer and where all my crochet things are there is only one problem because i live in a council house and a spare room i have to £25.00 a fortnight it if i down size to a one bedroom place i wouldn't have to pay for it i have spent so much time and effort getting things how i like them so for now i'm staying for the moment .

  6. I definitely am identifying right now, with Clarisabeth's move out and all. Of course as I clear her things away, I understand she isn't coming back.... but I still left her bed nicely made up on one side of the room... for when she wants to visit... Meanwhile, on the other side I'll craft! Take care and thanks for sharing...

  7. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. Its amazing what we can do with small spaces when we put our minds to it.

    I have a tiny bedroom for all my sewing and yarny stuff as well as storage for holiday stuff. It stays a mess most of the time because in what little time I have off, I hate to use it to clean so just step over everything to sew with the notion that "one day I need to clean this mess." I keep looking at ideas but really I think its time to declutter and get practical..... I keep everything which is part of the problem - but I am rambling now....

    Thank you

  8. I would love a crafting room but having 7 kids and 5 still at home I have no chance! I love how cosy it looks, enjoy x


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