Social Media Predicaments

Hello all you lovely friends! Thank you for welcoming me back with your comments, I'm touched!!!

I follow blogs through bloglovin' and I've noticed you can post directly from there, which is quite an easy way when I'm on the app on my phone. Probably a bit similar to posting on Instagram. Trouble is I'm not sure if it will only show on bloglovin' and not blogger or any other blog reading platform there is. I will have to do a little test one to find out.

My other social media predicament is that I will inevitably repeat photos on my blog as well as my Instagram account. Don't suppose that matters too much, I guess if you follow me through both you can easily skip one if you've seen it before.

Oh my, social media dilemmas.  #firstworldproblem if ever there was one!

My photos are of my #oneskeinwonderlandcal offering. This cal starts today (Christmas Eve) and is run by Fay and Charlie [for more info click here].

My bestest fibre friend Sandra gifted her Moonlit Shawl pattern for my birthday which is perfect for this as you only need 100g of fingering weight yarn. I'm using some yarn I've dyed up in the "dirty broom" colour (if you watch my podcast you will know why it's got that name!!).
I have got some left in my Etsy shop at time of typing.

I'm really enjoying the colour and texture of this project. And the fact I've got a few days off work and therefore more free time to crochet :o)

Are you doing any special Christmas Eve cast on / hook up?

Happy Creating!!

Sam xx

PS the fabulous cake stitch marker is from here.


  1. I use Blogger to manage the blogs I read, and this post popped up in my Blogger reading list. I thought that might be helpful to know!
    The moonlit shawl looks like it's going to be lovely in that colourway - that naming did make me laugh when watching your podcast!
    Merry Christmas! xx (Dinki Dots)


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