Moonlit Shawl

Hi all!

I hope you have enjoyed the holidays so far, we have had a simple but lovely family time. I've been back at work for one day as we are sharing this week amongst staff. I'm home now for a few days, with just Saturday afternoon to work before the new year.

Having a little more free time than usual means a little more crochet time than usual and I've finished my moonlit shawl in 4 days! I know, I can't get over it either.

It's a perfect crochet shawl design by Sandra, she gifted the pattern to me for my birthday. It takes just 100g of fingering weight yarn (I had 9grams left over). I used some yarn that I had dyed for my Etsy shop which is a merino nylon blend. It's a teal base with splodges of purple and brown, which I'm relieved to see are evenly distributed and not pooling in any way (one of my fears as a yarn dyer)

My favourite part of the shawl is the little flowers that appear in the border. They are made up of the gaps in the stitch pattern and I hadn't noticed this until I was pinning it out after washing it last night. A delightful little surprise!

I do wish all my projects were so quick to complete :o)

Have a great day!

Sam xx


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