Merry Christmas to you all!

I started my #adventsocks2017 on 1st December - obviously. With the idea of  knitting a little bit each day and finishing them on Christmas Eve, ready to wear today. 
I have done this for the last couple of years, the first time I finished the pair actually on Christmas Day, but this year I’ve only managed to get one sock made. So I’ve got a cold foot. 
Here’s a link to my Ravelry project page for more details: 
project page

 Merry Christmas to you all,

I hope you have a fantastic day 
Take care 
Sam xx


  1. Happy Christmas Sam. Good to see you back x

  2. If you plant yourself on the couch and let your family take care of you today, you could stick your cold foot under your tush and then you'd have 2 warm feet! LOL Happy Holidays

  3. Love the lace pattern with the self striping yarn... here's hoping you other foot is snug soon. Merry Christmas time


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