Rain, rain go away...

Hat knitted in Rico essentials alpaca blend chunky - shade 005 with a fake fur pom-pom

This is daughter #2 modelling a hat I recently knitted. She has forbade me putting the image on Instagram (but of course I will)

She has quite a small head - hence the turned up brim. I wear it with the brim flat, well I try it on with the brim flat. I have yet to actually wear it. The weather has been cold enough but I'm not sure I really suit hats, but maybe I will be brave on the next cold day and put it on.
It's been pouring with rain all day today. I felt sorry for my son and gave him a lift to school this morning, usually he walks but as it was so wet and he refuses to wear a proper coat I didn't want him getting soaked and sitting in wet clothes all day so we all jumped in the car and battled through the traffic. 
Then on to a joyous visit to the supermarket (!) and then home for the rest of the day. Little poppet has been 'helping' me with the housework. She actually fetched the hand-held vacuum and did the stairs - and made a reasonable job of it! I wonder how long she will view chores like this as a game?

So I'm hoping for brighter weather tomorrow because as well as wanting to get some new bags sewn I would like to take photos of them too so I can list them on Etsy. I'm also planning to do some pattern writing for my next workshop in April. I still have a while to go as it's not until the 12th but really don't like leaving things to the last minute. We will be doing 'corner to corner crochet', or in Instagram speak #c2c. I want to finish this cushion front and get it sewn to the backing so I can show it as a sample for the workshop.

Yarn used is Stylecraft special dk in pomegranate, spring green, wisteria, turquoise and the yellow is New Fashion dk by Woodcraft shade 4F33

So busy as usual. Good busy though.

Take care my crafty friends,

'till next time...



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