The Georgie Dress

One day at work this arrived for me in our internal mail. My sweet friend and colleague Georgie had gifted me this dress pattern thinking I would like it - and of course I do!

View A particularly appealed to me as it has the cutest little sleeve design so I just had to make it. I bought the fabric specifically for this project from Beales where there is the Coats / Rowan concession and the incredibly dangerous (and very large) sale bin full of amazing discounted yarns and half price fabrics. This shot cotton in petrol was reduced to £7 per m and I bought what was left even though it was less than the required amount stated on the pattern, but I loved it, it was a bargain, I would make it work.

Don't you think this sleeve is gorgeous? Something special from the designer Cynthia Rowley that adds a very couture feel, making a much more sophisticated puff sleeve that is perfect for this 1950's style dress.

The skirt is very full and the pleats at the waist are much more flattering than gathers would be. I have lined the whole dress which gives it a great weight and quality. The pattern gives instructions for lining the bodice only so I cut the skirt lining using the dress lining pattern pieces - basically cutting the lining exactly the same as the skirt. Once the side seams are done on both skirt and lining I then sew them together at the waist before folding the pleats. This dress has a zip at the centre back and I needed to keep the lining away from the centre back seam so it wouldn't get caught when I attached the zip so I just folded the CB seam allowance back 3cm on both sides and this formed a sort of 'V' shaped vent on the back lining seam of the skirt. 

Tricky to explain that in words...

Whilst stitching away on this dress my thoughts turned to what handmade accessory would go well and this skein of Hedgehog Fibres yarn in the birthday cake colour way put it's hand up and volunteered to be turned into a little shawlette of some sort that would be just the perfect partner to my new dress.

 What can I do? 
I have to listen to the yarn....

It felt good to finish this off on Sunday morning, it takes a few sewing sessions to complete. I tend to break the whole project up into time chunks, for example cutting it out is the first bit (after I had washed the fabric of course - definitely recommend doing that). Glad the least favourite bit was out of the way I made the sleeves first, next session I constructed the bodice and attached the sleeves. The next sewing time I had I got out my (brand new - yay!) Janome overlocker and made the skirt with the lining and sewed it to the bodice and on Sunday it was a case of installing the zip and finishing off with hems etc.

Oh and then I have to take the photos...

But someone was getting really bored waiting for me to faff around in my sewing space so it was time to get dressed and head outside.

We headed up to the park and spent a good hour playing on the swings and slide, then we decided to go into Putnoe woods and was greeted by the abundance of snowdrops that carpeted the ground. It was so good to be there, the first time we've been for ages and certainly this year. It was quite a windy day but we were sheltered by the trees and it was so pleasant to be there enjoying nature. The main thing that struck me was how much further little poppet walked, we didn't need to have a 'carry'.

Have a great week my friends,

'till next time...


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