Showing it how it is...

Good morning! I'm popping in to share with you my progress on my sock scrap crochet blanket, it's not grown tremendously I will admit, but nevertheless I'm still loving it and am happy to add a square in here and there.

I wanted to show you this photo of the latest square I've added. As you can see it's very curly and not really wanting to sit flat right now. As I add in more around the square it will help straighten things out but I am also doing a little blocking as I go. I use a spray bottle filled with water and a small squirt of wool soak and spritz the new squares until slightly damp and then pin out for a few hours to dry. At the moment they don't take that long to dry as we have the heating on in the evenings so it's nice and warm. I'm only planning on doing this here and there as I work through the blanket, but it's my preference this way rather than at the end when I have a (hopefully) large blanket.

Now I am wondering if you might think this is a bit of a faff and it might put you off the project entirely? 
For me it's all part of the process and I actually enjoy blocking my projects and seeing how the yarn relaxes, so it doesn't phase me at all. Like I said it's only something I will do every now and again and as this will be a long term project it's not going to be that often. I would be interested in your views though and whether you would be bothered to do this or not.

I'm particularly liking the diagonal lines made by the decrease stitches through the middle of each square and the pattern that that is forming. Oh yes I am really enjoying this project :o)

And finally I thought I'd share with you where I'm getting the yarn that I'm using. Some of it is left overs from my other projects that I have been saving up, I have also done a couple of swaps with some yarny friends. But I have bought mini skeins as well to add in so I wanted to include the links for your info. (This is not sponsored or anything - just want to be helpful)

The My First Regia cute little balls are from Purple Linda Crafts , and my other mini skeins are from Sara's Texture Crafts, The Wool Barn and Tangled Yarn


The job of the day is to strip the wallpaper in my daughter's bedroom as she wants a bit of a change. She's not up yet and I'm stalling by writing the post to you :o)
But we do need to get cracking or it will drag on and really annoy me!

I'm going to put the kettle on first though...

'till next time...



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