#Knit for Winter

Hello all you lovelies! I'm here today to share with you the 2 little bonnets I've made for the #KnitforWinter campaign.  The cute hats are especially for premature babies at St George's hospital in London, and I made them for First Touch charity in conjunction with the Sunrise Senior Living blog.

I think we are all aware that a lot of heat is lost from our heads and it is particularly important to prevent heat lost for tiny babies born early. As I was knitting these I was pondering about the design; the row of holes around the brim, the flap at the front and the little side ties. I can only assume they are there to help incorporate the medical monitoring equipment vital for the baby's care.
My 4 children were born at pretty much full term and didn't need incubators etc. I did have a little boy called Toby who was born too early but he didn't survive. I can't deny that this little project has bought back lots of memories, sometimes a bit painful, about having him and all the ups and downs of that pregnancy. Medical science for early babies is amazing and some can survive being born as early as 24 weeks gestation and grow up to be happy children. It must however be a very difficult and stressful time for the family so it's great that the charity can offer support for the families as well as raising money for equipment and specialist training.

I've copied and paste a bit of the info for you to read from the Sunrise Care blog and have included the link to download the pattern incase you would like to do some charity knitting yourself.

What is Knit for Winter all about?
Knit for Winter is a charity initiative where we ask Britain’s knitters to knit for a good cause.
As temperatures drop the vulnerable need to wrap up to keep the cold out. So we’ve decided to dedicate this year’s Knit for Winter campaign to help keep premature babies warm.

To download the knitting patterns click here. 

About First Touch
First Touch is the charity for the neonatal unit at St George’s Hospital in London, The neonatal unit and its wonderful staff care for 600 sick and premature babies each year.
Many of the babies we care for have been born prematurely, with some mothers having only just reached 24 weeks of pregnancy (40 weeks is generally considered normal). Some babies require life saving surgery. We want these babies to grow up to be healthy, happy children with bright futures. Donations to our work at St George’s help to achieve this.
The majority of the money raised for First Touch is used to fund state of the art medical equipment. First Touch also funds specialist nurse training not available from the NHS and a welfare scheme to help families through the stressful time of having a poorly newborn, including funding the post of Family Care Co-ordinator who is employed to provide practical help to families.
With just two part-time employees, we are a very small charity with a massive cause - tiny patients! Money raised for First Touch goes to the neonatal unit, so donors know that their money is used for the cause they care passionately about. We are all united in wanting to help the smallest patients at St George’s Hospital to happy and bright futures.

'till next time...

Sam xx


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