I'll see you when you wake...

With the beginnings of a new blanket design popping into my mind and having seen some perfect colour yarns that would work so well for the said design, it seemed like crochet fate when a friend announced she was having a baby and I would have someone to actually make it for. Although I am a firm advocate of crochet for crochet's sake, it's still nice to have a 'real' purpose for many hours hooking away.

So the yarn in question is Sirdar Snuggly dk and I was completely drawn in by the unusual colours, particularly the purple-grey which is called 'Eyeore'. In fact a lot of the colours have nursery inspired names making it even more perfect for the job. It is acrylic but certainly has a nice feel and when it comes to anything used by small people it's a good idea to have something washable!

The stitch pattern is ripples and puffs, giving a gorgeous texture that I wanted to achieve. I love it despite the fact that it is a yarn eater, and have really enjoyed working out the pattern and playing with the colours. It's such a satisfying thrill when something imagined comes to life and is even better than the image in my head.

The name of the pattern 'I'll see you when you wake' crochet baby blanket is inspired by the song 'Powder Blue' from this CD. I sing this to my little poppet at bedtime and she loves that, being still a bit young to realise I've got a voice like a foghorn, bless her :o)

Go to sleep my baby
Sleep now little you.
Go to sleep my baby and dream of powder blue.
Flowers in the sunshine and boats upon the lake,
Dream my little baby,
I'll see you when you wake.

I have written up the pattern, and it's all ready and waiting on Ravelry and Love Crochet. Included in the pattern is a link to a You Tube video tutorial on how to do the 'puff' row so that newbie crocheters will be able to make it too. 
Get me - You Tube tutorial! Good job I have the teenagers to help me with the tech!

'till next time...



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