Betsy's Business & Giveaway!

Worrying is a bad thing isn't it? Feeling out of control with events going on in your life is not fun. I can't go into detail about the horrible stuff that's going on right now - which I know is frustrating for you my dear reader - but suffice to say things have taken a turn that I wasn't expecting and I do not like. I am going through quite a few different emotions and one of them is, surprisingly, determination. Is determination even classed as an emotion? I suppose it is - I feel determined to take control and make my own life decisions. This has made me have a good old think about where I want to be and one place that is always lovely and kind is here; in the world of crafty blogging, encouraging Instagram comments, wonderful images, inspiring creations and friendship.

I value enormously the real and true friends - both virtual and in the flesh - that I have made in this happy world.

So I have decided to give a big boost to the business side of my craft life. For quite a while I have been running crochet workshops at my friend's cake shop, and have sold a few patterns via Ravelry and Love Crochet and this is pootling along quietly and nicely, but to add another dimension to my business I have reactivated my Etsy shop and have been stitching up project pouches and drawstring bags to sell there. This has been lovely, I so enjoy making and designing this sort of thing and when someone buys one I feel so complimented, I really do!

I've designed this project pouch particularly with sock knitting in mind as it has a DPN or magic loop cable needle keeper incorporated in it which  means your needles stay nice and neat when you're not working on your socks and it keeps the stitches safely in place too!
And anyway who could resist the cute fox sitting looking at you from the side of the bag?

There are a few different styles and sizes of bag in my shop, so hopefully will suit all kinds of different projects.

So what I need to do now is promotion.
Gaahhhh, that's the hard bit! I always feel so mercenary when I post a photo because I want people to buy my wares. But if I don't then how will you all know? It has to be done - but in the nicest possible way. My ethos for my little business is quality, honesty and great service and that goes across the board for my workshops, patterns and things I make. It's how I operate in my employed work, and it's the same here.

  So I would really love it if you could pop over to my Etsy shop and have a quick look at what's there. By the way, I do love a good hashtag and am quite giddy that I can use #betsyonetsy - childish things like that amuse me no end :o)

And as a thank you for having a mooch around my stall I am offering a 75% discount code to 2 lucky winners. You will need to favourite my Etsy shop and also leave a comment here to say that you have. Also if you're on Instagram you can use #betsyonetsy but that's not a requirement for my giveaway, just lots of fun!


I'll draw my 2 winners on Mothers day - which is Sunday 6th March here in the UK. I'll do it in the morning as I think we might be going out for lunch somewhere, which will be lovely.
I'm going to use the Random Number Generator Thingy to pick the winners and I will email the code over to you soon after I do the draw. And strictly one entry per person please.

Good luck my friends!

'till next time...


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