Rose Chocolate

Hello all, how are you?

I was geared up to be all excited and giddy about this post. You know 'lovely yarn, I love how it's turned out' and all that. Don't get me wrong I still am very excited and pleased with this project but it is turning out to be a very strange week indeed and I don't know, I'm feeling quite peculiar (yes thank you anyone who said I'm peculiar all the time! :o) )))

Mr Bowie passing away earlier this week and hearing his song predicting this is sad and upsetting. My husband is a musician and in all seriousness is really quite bereft, David was absolutely one of his major heroes. 

A friend going through a really difficult patch is heartbreaking and I wish there was something I could do. But there isn't. Except listen.

Unsettling developments at work :o(

and I've just learned that Alan Rickman has passed away too.

It feels all a bit too much.

So anyway, my project. Rose Chocolate cowl. I do love it, it's soft and warm (merino and silk) I'm wearing it now and it didn't take too long to make. I matched it up with the mitts which are adapted from my Snow Dipped Mitts pattern - more shell rows in the cuff and slightly longer hand bit. 

I have written up the cowl pattern and it's ready and waiting for you. 

And it's free.

My gift to you. 

So get over to either Love Crochet or Ravelry and download the free cowl pattern. Dig into your stash and see if you can find your favourite colours to wip this up, or treat yourself to something new. Life's too short, it's full of ups and downs. Lets enjoy it while we can and take pleasure from the simple things.

'till next time...


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