Raspberry Potter's Shawl

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well?

Yesterday, while my little one was a nursery I took myself off to Fancy armed with my laptop, crochet, camera and my newly completed Potter's Shawl. The plan was to get some pattern writing done, to come up with a new project for my next workshop and to take some pics of my shawl.

Yummy latte and bakewell tart was the last ingredient for my mornings 'work' :o)

In-between chatting to Saffron I did get stuff done and am very happy with my photographs, it makes a change to have a different location rather than my house. I absolutely loved knitting this shawl, I started with a gradient yarn bought from Sara's Texture Crafts at Fibre East last July. The first bit of the shawl is garter stitch which is nice and easy and shows off the sparkle in the yarn. I had a problem as I reached the applied border as it was then it dawned on me that I needed 2 skeins of yarn, not one! (This was my error of course, I should know by now to READ THE PATTERN PROPERLY!) Anyway I did contact Sara and she was so very kind to dye me a skein of the darkest shade in the gradient so I was able to finish my project. I am really grateful to Sara as the original skein was one of her 'one-offs' and it was lucky for me she could remember how she dyed it up.

I really adore the raspberry colour of this yarn and it's made a gorgeous drapy fabric which is perfect for the shawl. The lace border took concentration but I enjoyed getting really involved with the pattern and focussing my mind on it.

It's perfect weather right now for this type of attire, so I plan to wear this a lot.

'till next time...


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