A Thousand Kisses Shawl

So soft. So, so soft! The alpaca and silk blend yarn I used for my Thousand Kisses shawl is just exquisite, it is very luxurious, has a gorgeous drape and even the colours are soft in appearance. 
Very lovely indeed.
I wanted to crochet a shawl in fingering weight yarn that could sit happily with the beautiful knitted shawl patterns there are around. It had to be soft and drapy, with a delicate but not lacy fabric. I had the stitch pattern in my head for some time and it's taken a while to reach reality. I have tried out versions of the 'kiss' stitch loads of times before, and at last I think I have managed to transfer the image I had onto something real. The stitches cross one another, looking like little kisses. There are many of them in the shawl - not sure quite a thousand but I haven't worked it out. Anyway, that is where the name came from of course.

It's triangular in shape and worked from the centre out and down in a 2 row pattern repeat. The edging is a simple and cute picot. I used 5 colours, the yarn is Drops Baby Alpaca Silk in shades light grey purple, light grey, powder, wheat and medium grey. Check out the pretty colour chart here.


Being a chilly-body I do like to wear a scarf or shawl around me at this time of year. With something this soft it's like having a loving hug :o) I have worn this a lot, I love it. To the point it probably needs a wash again. I did block it after I'd finished making it, I wanted to encourage the drape, bring out the stitch pattern and I also wanted to block it to the triangle shape as it is a bit diamond-like otherwise.

I wear it with the star skirt I made in November, it goes really well and of course it's great to create handmade outfits, something I want to build on this year with my sewing, crocheting and knitting.

Pattern is all done and ready to buy (thank you to those lovelies who have already purchased it) and as usual it's available at both Love Crochet and Ravelry

Click on the images below to take you there...

I really hope you enjoy it, 'till next time...


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