Merry Christmas Time...

I feel a bit like I've lost my place on my blog. It hasn't benefitted from much of my attention of late, probably due to the busy-ness of this time of year. I've also been doing Christmas present crafting which of course means not publishing pictures of the makes for the time being. Still I did want to pop in to show you my decorations, on the same red and white colour scheme as usual but with some gorgeous Gisela Graham additions picked up at the garden centre the other week. The tree decorations have worked well this year because the lights I bought in the sale in January are white coloured so the overall effect is more co-ordinated than previous years. I find festive decorations quite tricky - it's very easy to get it wrong. A few of my friends decorate in such tasteful and sophisticated ways, in comparison to the 'throw it all on and hope for the best approach' ! We decorate the tree as a family after dinner, it's a sweet tradition and one which we all enjoy. The children have all declared how much they love the tree and how our house is very cosy, and we've discussed our favourite bits. The little scene with the bisque house, glass tree and Santa's sleigh candle holder is probably the winner, but I love my little red car, carrying the tree home on it's roof (that I got form BHS by the way).

Apart from all the presents I've been working on I have been trying to knit on my #AdventSocksKAL each day - and not succeeding! There is doubt in my mind that they will be finished by Christmas day. But never mind - I love them anyway and will definatly wear them when they are done, even if that is January the 15th! I'm very happy with the cream contrast cuff and heel (the toes will be cream too). Both yarns I'm using have sparkle in them, which is brilliant and make for a super pair of festive socks. I will attempt to finish them in time, we'll see how I get on!

So all it remains to say is to wish you all a happy holiday time. Whatever you celebrate (or not) I do wish you all happiness, fulfilment, good health and peace in you hearts and I look forward to sharing my creative life with you all in 2016.

take care my friends, 'till next time...



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