Giving and Receiving

Hi guys, have you had a nice Christmas? I had a lovely time with my family thank you :o)

I wanted to call by to show you some of the gifts I made this year and a very special handmade thing I received too. It has just dawned on me that I forgot to take pictures of some of the gifts I made but never mind - here are the ones that got photographed:

I made both my husband and my son a Handbrake Cowl each in Rowan Felted Tweed Aran. This knitting pattern is a design by Kay Jones of the Bakery Bears podcast. It's an easy make that is very enjoyable to do. My gauge was really big to start with so the cowl was coming out really large. Instead of going down needle size I decided to reduce the stitch count and this worked out fine. I reduced the stitch count down further to make a smaller one for my boy - the pattern is quite easy so it's not difficult to work out the maths.
Both my men like their cowls but the weather right now is so mild they don't really need to wear them. I'm hoping the yarn isn't too itchy for either of them, I've yet to do the blocking and that might soften them up.

I also made my friend Saffron these socks and she loves them too! They are made with gorgeous cashmere, merino and nylon hand dyed yarn from The Yarn Gallery on Etsy. They were such a joy to knit due to the beautiful feel of the yarn. They are just vanilla socks, but who needs patterning when the yarn is so pretty? Look at all the subtle colours and the way they sit in the stocking stitch.
I didn't use a pattern for these, I cast on 60 stitches (she has narrow feet) using 2.25mm dpns and knit a 2x1 rib. Then I made the cuff 6" in stocking stitch and did a Fish Lips Kiss heel (funny name but super easy pattern)

And look what the lovely Sandra gifted me! I am so touched that she made me this gorgeous shawl, which is a new design by her (at the time of publishing this post it's still to be released, but coming soon I think!)
It's so soft and pretty, with a lovely drape. I think the yarn is Regia Angora Merino, it's fabulous anyway! I wore this all day on Christmas day with my favourite shawl pin and loved it. 
Thank you my dear for such a special present 

So lots of lovely things going on here over the holiday period. I'm trying to get up to date with all my patterns on Ravelry and will check in with you again soon with my updates. I will also be getting organised for my Spring crochet workshops, so keep posted for that too. In the meantime, take care my friends,
'till next time...


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