Advent Stockings


So my stocking advent calendar was finished yesterday, 2nd December, and of course better late than never! The cute printed stockings are a Makower panel that I bought from Singers in town. They had them made up and strung like bunting along the stair banister, but I couldn't think of a place to hang them like that in our house, so came up with this idea.

I'd bought the hessian a while ago with a vague Christmas purpose, and it came into it's own here and I was glad to have it on hand. I stitched the Merry Christmas ribbon horizontally and attached each stocking along the way. I sewed the red and green buttons on in embroidery floss, I so love four-holed buttons with a criss-cross middle.

It hangs on the kitchen door that leads through to the rest of the house and I have filled it with goodies for the children - they have to work out a system of who's turn it is to eat the treat!

When I was little the advent calendars I had were little doors to open and reveal a sweet festive scene,  there was no chocolate inside (my kids find this hilarious for some reason). Anyway, I remember it would really bother me that the numbers were all mixed up and not in the proper order, I think I liked things to be just so and it was far too random for my liking. However, I have deliberately arranged these stockings out of order, for the fun of searching for the right number. Appears I am a more random person theses days....

'till next time...


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