Star Skirt

It's Guy Fawkes night here in the UK, we celebrate the fact the Houses of Parliament didn't get blown up in 1605. I prefer not to dwell on the terrorists failed plot and because I love fireworks so much see it as more of a light up the sky celebration to cheer these dark Autumn evenings.

We've got family coming over later and Mat and his Dad will be setting off fireworks in our garden, my son will have a field day with the sparklers and after our baked potatoes, chilli and hotdogs for tea there are Chococinos and warm cookies for afters. The school at the back of us is having their annual display so we like to time ours just before they start and their display acts as our finale :0)
Small cousins are coming too and so I find home fireworks fair better with young children as they can get upset with the loud bangs, so can be taken inside if necessary. Keep your fingers crossed for us as there is rain forecasted and I really hope it stays dry - otherwise it will be Mat and his Dad getting wet setting off fireworks in the garden and the rest of us can watch from the upstairs windows!

What I wanted to share with you today is some sewing. Last night I started making my star skirt and finished it off this morning.  The pattern is Newlook K6035 and I'm pretty sure I got it free with a magazine. The skirt is the first thing I've sewn from this pattern but I fancy making the little top too for the summer and maybe even challenge myself and have a go at the jacket?
When it comes to dressmaking, getting the fit right is always tricky. I've given up measuring myself as my hips are on one end of the size chart and my waist measurement is at the opposite end, so instead I used an existing, store bought skirt that I like the fit of and laid it on the pattern pieces to determine what size to cut. This worked out so well and my skirt fits perfectly with no adjustments at all, yay!
The fabric is a Lotta Jansdotter Stella, 100% cotton corduroy from the Brighton Sewing Centre, a shop I've visited and also ordered online from too. A total coincidence that I finished this star skirt on the day we plan to shoot stars into the sky, but very app, so I have to wear it today of course!

It's an 'A' line shape, perhaps not that obvious from my selfies, with a dropped waist and narrow yoke incorporating belt loops or 'carriers' as they are referred to in the instructions. Super easy to make, and therefore quick too! As we speak I have some wool blend fabric from stash going around in the washer for another one of these. Once I find a pattern that works well for me fit and style wise, I like to get the most out of it and try it out in different fabrics.
As the needle cord fabric is quite thin I did line my skirt which is not in the pattern. I cut the front and back skirt pieces in the lining, 2cm shorter than the skirt itself and included it when attaching the yoke. I know I've made it sound simple, but if you can sew this skirt then adding a lining is not too difficult.
So yeah, very happy with this make. I'm getting a big sense of satisfaction building up my hand made wardrobe. I'm crocheting a shawl that will be perfect to wear with this and so I need to get it finished soon.
I hope you all have a lovely evening whatever you are doing. Take care and keep warm.

'till next time...


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