Meredith Cardigan

Making things for my little girl is an honour and total pleasure. 
Each stitch is made with love.
This is the Meredith Cardi pattern by Ruth Maddock, a top down construction with a lace yoke and cute 3 button fastening. The beauty of top down knitting is it can be tried on as you go, which this little lady loves as the circular needles are still attached which she thinks is great. She comes to me and asks if it's finished yet and I say no, "have you still got a lot to do?" she asks and I nod.
Of course I had to make it in her favourite colour of blue. To be more precise she seems to like navy blue best but this yarn is such a gorgeous shade with a very slight grey tint that matches her eyes and suits her so well I thought it would be perfect for a cardigan. It's James C Brett Double Knitting with Merino (colour DM11) and it's a lovely, reasonably priced yarn that washes well.
We went to Barretts in St Neots to get the buttons (I love this shop). She was very definite about the cat ones, I couldn't persuade her to have flowers instead. She of course was spot on with her choice.
I loved making this little cardi, the lace pattern is fun and and relatively simple, and it's always great not to have any sewing up to do - apart from the funny bit under the arms which I didn't do very well, but it's hidden so hey, I can live with it. The original design is with long sleeves but I quite like the shorter style, looks sweet.
My little girl generally assumes everything I make is for her. She accepts gracefully if I explain it is for another, but I quite like that she takes what I make for her for granted. 

I hope you all have a fun weekend, whatever you may be up to,

'till next time...


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