This image above is total eye-candy (or dye candy!) for me. I took it whilst at Festiwool on Saturday following an invitation from Helen at Wooly Chic Designs to be on the guest list (yay!) and attend the fair and blog about it. I hadn't heard of Festiwool before, but as I had a free day and with my husband unusually being around to take care of the kids, it was a perfect opportunity to check it out and make a few little purchases. 

Last week was a bit of a stressful week for me, and so spending the day with lovely Sandra mooching around all the yarn stands was just the tonic I needed (especially as that morning the news was breaking of the terrible and upsetting events in Paris, an injection of positivity was in order). The fair was held in North Herts College in Hitchin, which is a lovely town not far from me, it was a medium size festival filled with quality sellers. There also was felting demonstrations, a Q and A with model Daphne Selfe, a fashion show and book signing.

We popped over to say hello and thank Helen at her stand where she sells such pretty colours of 100% british wool that is from the sheep on her Aunt's farm in Pembrokeshire. These little cakes are so much fun and the colours she dyes them are vibrant and sweet. I'm becoming more conscious of my carbon footprint and feel buying local is the way to go. Bear with me though, I have a considerable stash to use up first and some of it comes from further afield - like my current WIP which is a North American yarn!
You can visit the Wooly Chic Designs online shop here to check out Helen's wares.

Rosie's Moments were selling these fun hand wound balls of yarn. Inside are loads of little presents like stitch markers and sweets that you reach as you knit along, this one obviously Christmas theme. I love that personal touch!

Beautifully decorated knitting needles were being sold by www.bigcrocodile.co.uk as well as their exclusive extremely soft and fluffy Snuggle Soft yarn in the most gorgeous pastel colours.

Both Sandra and I were drawn to the appealing aesthetic of travel knitter and the yarns Larissa sells live up to this too! So soft baby camel skeins were ever-so-tempting in the stunning jewel colours that are her pallet, and we oohhed and ahhhed for a good while.

The stand that completely won my heart was www.textilegarden.com where Maggie was selling THE MOST gorgeous buttons I have ever seen. I'm not kidding, I was in my element choosing buttons to go on the Ramona Cardigan I'm making that is nearing completion. The colours, designs, shapes and presentation were everything I wanted in a button seller, and there doesn't seem very many button sellers around. I understand these are sourced from France and Italy, and it was a joy to discover! So glad I have found this shop, I know it will be my go-to whenever I need any fastenings for my projects.

I had a lovely time with Sandra, several people recognised her from her podcast and blog and came over to say hello, it was fun to bask in her well deserved celebrity status :o)
Festiwool is definitely in my diary for next year, hopefully in the same venue as it's easy for me to get to. Fairs like this are the place to get wonderful hand dyed local yarns from Indie dyers, they generally have Etsy shops too but it's worth being able to touch and feel and smooch over their wares in the flesh as it were.


My heart goes out to all the people of France and their family and friends who have been effected by the horrible happens in Paris on Friday night. It effects all of us doesn't it? I know I keep thinking about how terrifying it must have been to be caught up in such horrific events. Many have died and have been injured and emotionally traumatised by what happened. From my little corner of our world my love goes out to you, and to the beautiful city of Paris xxx

'till next time my friends...

PS this is a sponsored post 'cos I got free entry into the festival, but all opinions are my very own xx


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