Vintage Skirt

Hello all, I hope you're ok?
 I had a spontaneous sewing morning on Tuesday. You know, I had loads of other things that I should've / could've been doing, but I thought s*d it, I fancy making a skirt out of this vintage fabric I picked up from the Emporium a few weeks back. It was a door curtain, a bit faded and slightly grubby, but I love the print and I've walked away from fabric like this before so I really wanted to get it this time. I was with Sandra and as she picked out some gorgeous autumnal print for herself we were able to barter a bit over the price (only a bit though - it still was slightly over priced) Anyway, once I was home I unpicked the print from the rust velour it was sewn to and washed it in the machine. 

Right from the start this fabric told me it wanted to be a gathered skirt, so I brought the zip and some Fuse and Fold waistband interfacing and I was all set. Then it sat waiting patiently on my machine until Tuesday, when my urge to stitch it was too strong to be ignored :o)
I didn't use a pattern, it's a very basic thing. I cut a strip for the waistband and fused the interfacing to it, I then cut 2 widths of the fabric, skirt length and sewed one side seam up completely and the other I attached the zip. The selvedges on this fabric are very neat so I was able to leave them in so I didn't have to get out my overlocker to finish any raw edges. 
Two rows of big machine stitching gathered up to fit in the waistband, a deep double turned hem, and a button and buttonhole and it was done! Great mornings work, very chuffed with myself as you can see::

My daughter kindly took this photo, accompanied with lots of giggling and laughter, thank you :o\

I love the colour of the faded roses in the print and it put me in mind of some Berroco Vintage yarn I have stashed. I dug it out and was really pleased to see it goes very well indeed, so I now have plans to make a cardigan to go with my skirt. Unfortunately I cannot knit as fast as I can sew, so it will be sometime before I can wear the complete outfit. In the meantime I thought my Lady Kina Cardigan looks quite nice with it too.

I hope you all are having a super day,

'till next time...


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