Spice of Life Blanket TA-DAHHHH!!!!

Can I get away with 7 large photos of my finished Spicy Life Blanket? Oh go on... humour me, it's very happy to pose for the camera, and certainly brightened up the garden on this grey October morning.
Taking part in this CAL has been brilliant, everything has worked out so well and I've enjoyed crocheting along. I was invited to take part by my lovely friend Sandra who hosted it along with Black Sheep Wools. They sent my the yarn (for free - good start :0) and this tied in with a request for a blanket to be made in time to gift for Christmas.
I know I've said it before, but the yarn is lovely, both in feel and colour palette. I did cake mine up, firstly because it looks pretty but also because I did have tangling issues. But all in all a good yarn that I would be more than happy to buy for future projects. It's Rico baby classic dk, I would say a thinish dk at that, but perfectly lovely and with great stitch definition.
Sandra's design is stunning of course, she has used some lovely stitches to make up the pattern and distributed the colours in a very pleasing way. The cute border in the light green finishes it off perfectly.
The pattern will always be available for free on Sandra's Ravelry page and it goes into great detail, with helpful photos and instructions. If you know how to hold the hook and yarn and make a treble crochet stitch then you would be able to make this blanket for yourself. Just work through methodically and read the instructions carefully - it's all there. It's also a great project for an experienced crocheter as well as there is enough going on for it to be interesting, but also easy enough for it to be a relaxing, TV watching make.
Loads of people have joined in on this CAL, and there are plenty of images of the blankets as people make them. I saw one made in a single colour which looked amazing. I'm tempted to do that.
If I was to make another the only thing I would do different is to switch hook sizes for the different pattern parts, The first and last 10 rows of trebles I would use a 3.5mm hook, for the main part of the blanket I would use the 4mm and for the stacked shells section I would move up to a 4.5mm or even a 5mm. I was quite surprised at how the different stitch patterns affected my tension (Sandra does mention this in her guide) I tried to mindfully go looser, but it is difficult and switching hook would be a better option. However, steam blocking my blanket has helped with the tension and wobbly edge issues and I am very happy with the finished result.
Thank you Sandra for all your hard work organising this CAL, I know how intense it's been at times! I appreciate your effort and have enjoyed the process so much, being part of a CAL is great for motivation and getting the blanket finished.
Thank you also for the people at Black Sheep Wools for sending out the yarn too!!!

'till next time...

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own :o)


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