Slipping through my fingers...

Hello Everyone! How are you?

Thank you so much for the great response to my give away in conjunction with, it's still running so if you want to pop over to my last post here and leave a comment then you'll be in with a chance of winning the large basket like the one in the photo above. Remember though, it is only open to UK residents because of the postage costs.

How are you getting on with the Spice of Life CAL blanket? If you are taking part of course!

Mine is coming on lovely, the yarn is so soft and the colours so happy, it would be completely impossible to get bored with this project. When this week's part came out on Tuesday morning I worked out that I need to do 4 rows a day to make sure I stay up to date, and so far I'm on track although I haven't done today's 4 yet. This week is about doing house jobs and not so much about crafting. I'm doing some painting, which I really don't enjoy that much but needs to be done and I know I will enjoy the finished results. I'm painting a chest of drawers that lives on our landing and the paint needs to dry for 4 hours before doing the next coat - 4 hours!?! Still, it will give me time to sneak a bit of crochet on the 'spicy life' blanket (as my 3 year old has renamed it).

 Another house thing that I've wanted to do for ages is create a picture wall in our front room. I had been collecting a few ideas on my Pinterest board but felt quite stressed and anxious about gathering up lots of different frames to hang. It seemed such a time consuming thing, going around lots of junk shops picking out frames to use. I can imagine it could work out quite expensive too, I really am not lucky when it comes to bargain hunting, and anyway I'm not sure I have the confidence to choose mis-matched ones that actually work together - do you know what I mean?


So when I came across a kit in Hobbycraft, which comes with all the matching frames, the mounts, the wall fixings and also a template to help you display them well, I reckoned it was the answer for me. The pictures are family ones I've taken this summer, the kids change so much as they grow that it's always nice to have visual memories displayed around the house. The constant changes that happen as life moves on so fast can be quite fraught with emotion, the teenage years being miles harder to deal with than when they were babies, I'm finding out!

I am very happy with our picture wall, it makes quite an impact when you first walk in the room. My Mother-in-law pointed out that there wasn't a picture of me included, I said that I am represented by the yarn, hook and scissor photo :o)

And on that note of children growing up I'm feeling a little melancholy, so I will love you and leave you and crack on with my painting jobs. Here's a link to a lovely song that always makes me cry when I listen it. Believe it or not the first time I heard it was when my eldest sang it years ago at a school concert, and it still gets get me going today. 

'till next time....


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