Elsa Coverlet

I know the cold never bothered her anyway, but if Queen Elsa ever felt a little chill she might want to snuggle under this snowfall inspired coverlet!

My little girl of course loves the Frozen movie, and she loves to dress up as Elsa. I think it's the Queen's magical powers that makes her such a popular character, as well as her long blond plait, her powerful hip wiggle and the single raised eyebrow of someone who is self assured and in control. Still likeable though, very likeable - she makes mistakes and we can all relate to that! (Well I certainly can!!!!)

Living with all the Frozen paraphernalia it's not surprising that this crochet blanket idea came to mind, and after finding the perfect yarn (Hayfield baby sparkle dk colours 604 and 605) I enjoyed some creative time designing the snowflake motif which combined randomly with the plain motifs creates a snowfall effect, finished off at the bottom and top edges with sparkly icicles.

The pattern is written up and ready to buy and available on both Ravelry and Lovecrochet if you know any Frozen fans who might like one, my little one keeps asking if her 'Frozen blanket' is finished yet, it's just the right size for her cot bed and perfect for her little bedroom ;o)

           'till next time...



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