Spice of Life CAL part 2

Are you taking part in Sandra's CAL
It's been quite exciting waiting for the first part of the pattern to come out on Tuesday morning. I have been fortunate this week to have had a bit more time to sit and crochet than usual so have done the first 18 rows, and I will make sure my ends are done by the time part 3 comes out next week.

It feels good to be joining in this, although I do need to get to grips with posting on the specific Facebook page and Ravelry thread - my go to social media stops are here on the blog and Instagram. But as so many people are taking part it's definitely a good way to connect with everyone, and join in on the chatter and conversation.

I'm really loving the yarn too, it's lovely to work with and the colours are great. The pack was a lovely gift from Black Sheep Wools, and so that does makes this a sponsored post I guess. I do really like the yarn quality, feel and especially the colours so will be buying some for future projects no doubt!

So yes, I'm very proud to be taking part in my friends exciting project and have grabbed my button from her blog
Cherry Heart

'till next time...


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