For Elise...

Oh it's pouring down with rain here in Bedford today, and i'm FRREEEEEZZING! My feet are so cold!

I've heard talk of an Indian summer here in the UK - we'll have to see about that, but today it's definitely indoor play!

I used to love indoor play when I was at middle school. If the weather was really bad we were shepherded into the assembly hall and the dinner ladies would get the board games out for us to play with. It was different so therefore exciting. I think these days the kids watch Pixar movies if it's too wet to go outside.

The term time routine is well and truly underway, which includes all the after school, extra curriculum activities as well (and that = Mum's taxi service). The new shoes, bags, pencil cases and shiny new stationary has started being used and our small hallway is cluttered with flung down PE kits and kicked off shoes from 4pm onwards.

My sister-in-law asked if I would make my niece a shoe bag and apron as little Elise started pre-school last week. Of course! my pleasure!

I found these totally cute letter buttons in my local fabric shop.

Perfect for her little messy play apron!

The appliqué letters are downloaded from here. I used some Heat 'n' Bond iron on adhesive and a small zig zag stitch on my machine to attached them to patchwork squares.

Making the letters on individual squares means that if I messed up on one, I could just do it again, rather than spoiling the whole word :o)

I love making things like this, it's such fun for me and totally satisfying that they will get used in a practical way.

I'm off now to put on some socks and cuddle my mug of tea,

'till next time...


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