I'm very excited to show you my finished Waterlily knitted top, it's been a challenge for me to make this but so worth the effort!

It's worked from the bottom up so once cast on there is lots of nice simple relaxing rows of knitting, round and round, that I enjoy doing whilst watching TV or crafting podcasts.

The pretty wavy line that divides the plain body section from the lacy yoke is a Latvian braid. This was a new technique for me and I adore the effect.

And then onto the lace... ummm I thought this would be the hard bit. I don't have a lot of lace knitting experience so this was the bit that challenged me. And yes I did rip back a fair few times, but so in love with this design that I couldn't give up and was very determined to get it finished.

My determination paid off, and suddenly it clicked and the pattern I was knitting looked like the picture, yay! 

I wouldn't say it was a really difficult pattern, but if you don't follow the instructions word for word then it doesn't come out right.... (note to self: read the pattern properly!)

I reached the shoulders just before we went on holiday and after a soak I left it blocking for the week we were away. It was lovely and dry when I returned and the lace section sits flat in all it's glory!

I am so pleased with this! I have really enjoyed the making process, despite my difficulties, and I also love the fact that I have the finished top - to wear today!

This pattern by Meghan Fernandes is such a beautiful design and can be found in the spring 2014 issue 8 of Pompom. The yarn I used is Wendy merino 4ply in shade 2380. The only adjustment I made was that I lengthen the body section by 5cm.

'till next time...


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