Sunflower Key Keeper

I have that 'summer here is over' feeling. The last bank holiday of the summer is tomorrow and with the weather forecast telling us it's going to rain all day it's a little depressing :o(
I'm glad I got the lawn cut yesterday. It had been a lovely sunny day but I had been working to 5pm and as the grass was really quite long I needed to go over it as with the wet weather forecast I didn't think I would have another chance for a few days.

 It seems to me the Autumn is approaching fast and we haven't really enjoyed any decent hot days. We certainly haven't had the garden furniture out much, although the paddling pool did make a few appearances. 
Saying that though, September and October can often be really nice and in the past I have enjoyed driving around the Bedfordshire countryside, from wedding venue to wedding venue, marvelling at the gorgeous golds, yellows and ochres of the colour-changing leaves on the trees. 

But to see if we can make summer last just that bit longer I hooked up this sunflower key keeper. The gold and brown colours transition from summer to autumn, leaving the soft pastels of spring and the hot tropical holiday colours behind.

It's free pattern for you which you can find here. And it's been featured, along with my interview at on their blog.

I have gifted this one to my daughters nursery nurse as she was leaving for a new job. Little projects like this are great for presents, it's a quick make and makes finding your keys a lot easier! (I don't know if it's my age but I'm forever rummaging around in my bag for my keys, so a larger keyring attached to them would be very useful!)

The daisy version is cute too - that went to the lovely Dani who is just such a fab knitting inspiration to me. I also plan to make some bright colourful Gerbera Daisy ones as well as I think they could work out nice.

Happy crocheting !

'till next time...


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