Southwold Snippets...

We only had to wait a few minutes for the gentlemen to relieve themselves! They do it on the hour and the half hour :o)

We had our annual day trip to Southwold this week. I go every year with my lot and were joined this time by my in-laws as well as my husband's sister and her family. There were eleven of us.

We did the same thing as we usually do. There is joy in repetition!

We start on the beach and play and picnic. Then we pack up and go to the arcade although it is a bit noisy in there for the little ones. The Cafe on the Green does nice coffees and ice-creams, so we take time for refreshments before having a mooch around the town, there is always the CD and record fair that my husband likes to go to. The spinning, weaving and yarn dying peeps were in the United Reform Church as usual as well, I did pop my head around the door but didn't stay long as it wasn't fair on the others, who were waiting outside.

We then head to the pier and have our tea in the Boardwalk restaurant, fish and chips of course! A short walk up and down the windy pier to see the clock helps the dinner go down, and then it's time to find the car and head home with tired children. Part of the A14 was closed so we had to detour through Newmarket (which looks very nice) but it didn't make too much difference to the journey time. I think we arrived back at about 9:45pm.

It's a fair way from land-locked Bedford, but worth the mileage. See you next year Southwold!


So I'm off on my weeks hollibobs soon, and I will catch up with you here when I come back. But in the meantime if you would like to join me and see my holiday crochet and knitting projects I will do some live broadcasts on Periscope where you can find me as betsymakes.

'till next time...


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