Snippets of St Ives

Thanks for scrolling my friends! Pictures from our family holiday this year in St Ives Cornwall.

I will confess to the mild anxiety before we left, the long journey with the six of us, plus luggage crammed in our old car. Many miles to cover with a 3 year old to entertain. Children of a wide range of ages (17, 14, 11 and 3) - could we keep everyone happy? Considering there was no wifi in our holiday apartment, and all of us with acute You Tube addiction, would there be bickering and arguments?

I needed not worry. The weather was kind. The apartment spacious and right on the beach as well as being nestled within the sweet little town of St Ives. A busy place with great shops, bars and restaurants.

Each morning we would be greeted by the sea, tide in, tide out. Surfers and walkers from early to late. Greedy seagulls attacking our beach picnic, or landing on our balcony after spying food scraps.
The locals are friendly and welcoming, serving up delicious meals, pasties, ice-creams and of course scones with clotted cream and jam. My waistline is now huge!

We had our holiday jokes, the children's banter pleased me. We had fun, so much fun. As a mother there is nothing better than having your family all together, happy and content, with lots of smiles and laughter. It can't be beat can it?

My holiday project was the South Bay Shawlette, a simple and gorgeous pattern that was a joy to make. Particularly using the Koigu KPM (colour 2361, 2 x 50g skeins) and KPPPM (colour P524C364, 1 x 50g skein - for the contrast edge) yarn. I had bought this in Loop when I visited in February and it was always going to be a shawl. This pattern proved to be the perfect paring for a delightful project that ticked every box. So happy with the result, even if I didn't have enough yarn to do the 'official' edging. But who needs it? For me it's perfect as it is.

Back home I blocked my shawl and have worn it. I'm still battling through the washing pile, but I'm resisting making the adjustment from the holiday routine back to normal for a few more days at least.

Happy days...

'till next time...


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