Dave Scuttle

Meet Dave Scuttle.

He's a mean a greedy seagull who doesn't think twice about stealing ice-creams from children. Or their crisps...

He's made from a pattern by Kerry Lord from her new book 'Edward's Menagerie: Birds'. You may be familiar with Kerry's work as she has also written a book of crochet animals and is part of Toft, a luxury wool and yarn company. I received an email asking if I would like to review the book while we were on holiday, and as seagulls down in St Ives are a real menace (we are advised in the holiday listings to be aware and not leave rubbish out for fear of seagull attack) I thought it would be funny to hook up Dave as a memory of our trip and as a way of reviewing the book at the same time (I love tie-ins like this, don't you?)

I received the book in digital format, it's full of loads of great bird patterns, all based around a handful of standard shapes that can be used for the different species. Can you see Dave there? Third from the right?

I haven't had much success with crochet toys before (remember the mermaid?), I wanted to have another crack at it so this was a perfect opportunity! The book is set out a bit like a cookbook with basics that can be used in the various 'receipes', you have standard forms - wings, legs etc and the pattern for each individual bird refers you back to what you need and then includes the extra pattern instructions needed. There is also a section regarding sewing, stuffing and doing the eyes. This means there is a bit of back and forth to gather all the information you need to make your feathered friend, which as I had it all on my lap-top was a bit of a faff. I think if you have the actual book, which of course is preferable, this wouldn't be such an issue.

Once into it the patterns are easy enough to follow and there is some good tips too. I like the advice about using scrap yarn up the rows to indicate the start of the round and there is a table regarding using different weights of yarns and size crochet hooks to achieve various size birds using the same pattern. The birds are very realistic I think, and the fact that Dave Scuttle has turned out well shows what a good design it is.
By the way, to explain his name - the pattern in the book is entitled Dave the Seagull. We called all the seagulls on holiday Scuttle as that is the name of Ariels friend in The Little Mermaid (my little  one's favourite film). And anyway, he looks like a Dave Scuttle, don't you think?

To celebrate Kerry's new book there is workshops and farm tours running at the Toft Alpaca Shop in Warwickshire UK on Friday 28th August and I am able to offer a giveaway prize of a family ticket (2 adults, 3 kids) to the event. If you would like to enter the giveaway just leave a comment below and I will do a random draw on Tuesday next week (25th August 2015). Travel to and from the event is not included and although this give-away is open to everyone, you do need to be available on the date and be able to get there under your own steam.

So good luck, I hope you enjoy

'till next time...


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