WIP Wednesday

Knitting round and round is good.
I thought when I started this pattern this lower section would be long and laborious. Well, it is quite long which is because:
 a. I have so many other things on the go at the same time and
 b. I'm not that quick at knitting.
But it is very enjoyable and relaxing. After a long, hot day chasing a 3 year old around it's good to sit down and just knit.
I think I have become a bit smitten with knitting. Don't worry, I have not abandoned crochet, no way. But I'm getting into this other yarny craft too and enjoying learning and doing. The pattern is a top called Waterlily by Meghan Fernandes, it's worked from the bottom up and is plain stocking stitch to just below the underarms and then the top is all lacy, and for me a bit daunting. I hope I can manage it...

Do you like the little zip-pull sewing machine on my project bag? I picked up the components to make it at Hobbycraft, it's so cute isn't it?

So I have another 11cm of stocking stitch to do before I start the hard bit. Wish me luck...

'till next time...


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