Spun Sea

Sitting at my computer working today I'm glad it's not quite as hot as yesterday, although the lovely blue sky and sun shining were more cheerful than the overcast clouds I can see now. I was just thinking it was exactly a month ago that we took a trip to Brighton and believe me the weather was much worse!

Hubby had booked us tickets to see Elvis Costello at the Brighton Dome, and as we drove down to the coast the rain plummeted, my first sight of the sea was of high brown waves rolling in, and the wind propelled us along as we tried to have a mooch around the shops.

I had been hooking up another Spun Gold scarf and had given myself the deadline of the Sunday before we went to finish it so I could wear it, and I'm glad I managed it as I needed the extra warmth it gave! You might remember I made one for my friend's birthday and it's such a lovely Kat Goldin pattern that I wanted one for myself - especially when I spied some Debbie Bliss rialto lace in a gorgeous greeny-blue (calm) sea colour named 44025.
Ah, colour 44025, I love this colour...

Now I did make this holding 2 strands together, I wasn't sure how the scarf would work in lace weight yarn, and anyway I think I've got a bit of a fear of working with such fine yarn (I need to get over that). In hindsight though I think it may be quite nice. But anyway I am super delighted with how it's come out and loved wearing it, it's lovely and soft and lightweight so ideal for Spring or Autumn.

Elvis's show was brilliant - what a showman! My husband told me that Elvis's Dad was the guy who did the R White's secret lemonade drinker ad - do you remember it? 
There were videos and still images shown of his family, and his two brothers came out to perform with him, which was just amazing!

And you know what? The next day - when we had to travel back home - the sun was shining and it was a perfect day to spend at the seaside. Typical isn't it?


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