Glad it's done, but none the wiser...

Hello my friends, excuse my absence will you? I have been slightly obsessed with my Waterlily knitting I talked about a few posts ago. I have now reached the 'hard bit' - the lace sections. Boy it's a challenge for me, that's for sure!
I cannot let it get the better of me and I am determined to finish the top, it's such a beautiful pattern and definitely  worth all the effort. I will report back when I have something of substance to show you.


In the meantime let me tell you about my second betsy shrug. You see I started this not long after I released the pattern. I wear the pink one quite a lot, well I did when the weather was cooler, it's a bit warm for it now. I love the casual yarny hug I get when I put it on, it's so easy to wear and fits in with my style, so I wanted to make another one using this Stylecraft Alpaca Tweed (Colour  Sage 1661). I liked the idea of a more rustic, wooly version, a bit more autumnal than the first.

It is a quick make (especially compared to my knitting speed) but this one has taken me a while to complete because I have been leaving it to one side a lot. Not for the usual reason of being distracted by other projects, but because whilst working on it my cheeks started to go quite red and my nose got itchy!
Ok, so I am quite an allergic type person. Furry pets need to be admired for their cuteness from a distance and I can't cope without my anti-histamine in the hay fever season. But for heavens sake, this is 77% acrylic! There is only 20% alpaca in it, the other 3% being viscose, I have also worked with baby alpaca before with no problems, so I wasn't expecting this reaction. I can't quite accept the fact that I have a sensitivity to this yarn, I really like it and want to wear it! I can only suppose it's because it's quite a hairy yarn that I might have a problem with it. I say might because I need hard and fast proof that it is the yarn that causes me irritation because there are so many other things in the air and all around that might be the cause.

Finishing this off a week ago was satisfying, as is finishing any wip that has been languishing, and I managed it because I didn't suffer any adverse reaction. That of course is because I'm taking a regular hay fever remedy at the moment which means I'm none the wiser as to whether I am allergic to it or not!
I am hoping that once Autumn comes, with the cooler temperatures and when I'm no longer taking the tablets I can wear this comfortably and enjoy it.

Only time will tell.

If you fancy having a go at making this in a yarn that suits your skin type you can buy the pattern here at Love Crochet or here at Ravelry.

'till next time...


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