Fibre East 2015

Hi everyone! 
Thanks to you lovely lot for purchasing my Baby Jayne Buggy blanket pattern, it makes my day to know you are happy to part with a few pounds / euros / dollars to get the download. I really hope you enjoy making it and would love to see pictures if you take any. I will look on the Ravelry project page and if you use the hashtag #babyjaynebuggy on Instagram I will check that out too :o)

The above photo is from my Instagram feed of the goodies I got from Fibre East in Ampthill on Saturday. Yes I did go a bit mad didn't I? I have to confess I spent quite a bit but I had been saving my pocket money, good job because I obviously I can't resist the temptation can I?

I met up with my lovely friend Sandra and we had such a fab time. We mooched and chatted, oohed and ahhhed, squished and cuddled lots of yarn!
We got talking to loads of different people which was just brilliant. I was pleased to meet Sara from Sara's Texture Crafts as I have bought from her in the past and her yarn is lovely. I discovered the guys from EasyKnits with their totally luxurious selection and we even had a conversation with Janie Crow aka Jane Crowfoot and I was a bit starstruck as I admire her work and have one of her books.

So coming home with such a wonderful selection of yarn is very difficult as it's so tempting to jump right in and start making with it! However, I am trying to be restrained and finish off my Waterlily first. I have finally got the hang of the lace pattern - after 3 failed attempts, so it feels like the end is in sight and that's exciting, I'm really loving this design and looking forward to wearing it.

You might have noticed in the top picture that there is some fibre there? Yep I am taking my first steps into spinning, eek! I have a drop spindle and have done a small amount on that - seems I will specialise in 'texture' yarn - you know the stuff that varies from thick and thin, from super chunky to lace in one skein! My husband also bought me a second hand spinning wheel for my birthday, but this seems quite a bit more difficult to get the hang of so I need to maybe go on a course perhaps. It's  a beautiful thing to have in the corner of my front room, but I want to learn how to use it properly so it's not just an ornament.

I hope you all have a fun-filled crafty week!

'till next time...



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