Baby Jayne Buggy Blanket

In my job as a registrar I see lots of babies when they are bought in by their parents to register their birth. More often than not the babies are in the car seat and I always love it if they have a homemade crocheted blanket keeping them warm and snuggly! 

Baby size blankets are also good for trying out colours and patterns together without the long-term commitment of a full size throw. And I also like the idea of having a ready stash of little warm hugs to gift to newborns as and when they make their entrance into this world, so how could I resist trying out one of the new Stylecraft colours (parma violet - 1724) that I think sits so well with the cream (1005) on this pretty granny square coverlet?

I added a simple border, with cute corner ties and I think I've got a bit of a thing about crab stitch at the moment as I like the way it finishes off the edges so neatly!

Of course with things like this you can go as large as you wish by just adding more and more squares, but I certainly found smaller blankets like this very handy when my little poppet was younger and would sleep in the car seat or buggy. I would cover her over to keep her warm and not have to worry about the blanket dragging on the ground and getting dirty.

A yellow and white one would look pretty too, and what do you think about blue and white or even gray and orange? I guess there are endless colour combinations, but using just 2 colours means you only have to make one decision!
Sitting here thinking about colours I reckon this would look really sweet if the squares were several different pastel colours and the centres of the squares, the joins and the border were white. Do you know I don't think I could ever run out of ideas when it comes to yarn crafts, the possibilities really are endless!

Baby Jayne Buggy Blanket

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