Birthday Fun with Ariel

My little poppet turned 3 today. My goodness 3! It seems like yesterday when I went into the maternity wing and came home the next day with my (third) beautiful baby girl. She is such a delight, a complete handful, she makes so much mess and brings so much joy to our home. She says the funniest things, with the funniest expressions. She is quite obsessed with the fact that she used to 'be in Mama's tummy' and told me that Daddy put her in there and the nurse took her out. That cracked me up.
She is in love with Ariel. She likes Play Doh, and Kinder eggs and necklaces. But she loves Ariel. Oh and cheese - she loves cheese too :o)
Pretty much every single present was Ariel themed, no kidding. I think I took the theme a bit too far, but what can I do? It's so easy, Disney are experts when it comes to the merchandise.
I'm not sure about the crochet Ariel though. Amigurumi is not for me I don't think! (but if you do need a crochet mermaid in your life the pattern is from Simply Crochet issue 32)

How blessed I am to be part of her world...

'till next time...



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