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Hi everyone! I've been linked in to Sarah's beginner crochet blog hop, hosted by Stitch, Craft, Create by Maria of Dinki Dots Craft blog. The idea is to share how we all learnt to crochet and talk about our crochet wins and fails to celebrate the launch of Sarah's (of Annaboo's House blog) new book entitled 'The Beginner's Guide to Crochet'.
As I'm participating in the blog hop I received a digital version of the book, I've had a look through and think it's really lovely, with very pretty styling, what seems good clear instructions and diagrams and some wonderful projects! I would say even if you're an accomplished crocheter there is still lots in this book for you so definitely worth getting!

I am asked a lot about how I learnt to crochet and the simple answer is I can't remember! I must've been quite little, I can only assume my Mum taught me, perhaps with my maternal Grandmother having a hand in it as well, it almost seems like I have always known how to do it! My Mum passed away over 15 years ago so I can't ask her. I do not remember being shown how to hold my hook and yarn (which is not surprising as I hold them in a really weird way) or how to do the treble crochet. But somehow knowing how to chain a few stitches and make them into a loop to then make 12 trebles into that loop, knowing that the number of stitches is divisible by 4 so you can go on to make a square is just in my head. We didn't call them granny squares back then, they were crochet squares, discovering more recently that they were called 'grannies' made me laugh!

I also started to sew as a child and that is something I carried on with throughout my teenage years and beyond so I'm able to track my progress with that, crochet (and knitting) were put aside for many years to only be picked up again relatively recently.

2011 was a crappy year for me, there was a lot of sadness and as a way of helping me recover I turned to crafting.  I started to do a bit of patchwork, to distract me from my troubled thoughts, to calm my mind and sooth my soul.
I then bought a small knitting kit for some baby bootees from Waterstones (of all places) and managed to knit them with the ingrained knitting knowledge of my childhood. 

It felt good to make them, with a skill I'd learnt when life was so much simpler.

And then one night, my Mum came to me in a dream and handed me a crochet hook. 

The very next morning I rummaged around and found a hook and some yarn and started to crochet, again with the same deep rooted ability to know what to do. The grannies in these photos are what I made, with pretty nasty yarn and some dodgy tension, and I don't think I ever knew how to deal with the ends!
I soon went on to other things, turning to You Tube if I got stuck (what on earth was a double-treble?) I seriously enjoyed myself and being able to create things made me feel good about myself again.

So I would say these first grannies are both my crochet win and fail. Even though I will always keep them, I won't make them into anything as they really aren't good enough. But by making them in the first place they have opened my life up to the therapeutic benefit of crochet, the amazing online craft community that I am so happy to be part of, lots of new friends and the wonderful satisfaction that I get from teaching crochet and designing patterns.

Since having the dream and finding crochet again I pretty much always have a hook and some yarn in my hands. I still use crochet as a stress buster but it's also such a pleasurable hobby and brings me lots of happiness.

So if you are new to crochet, and perhaps struggling a bit - don't give up! You will get the hang of it and it will reward you for all your efforts.

'till next time...


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