Project Bag Obsession

This past week or so I've been sewing project bags, I've made a few and it seems to have become a bit of an obsession! It started with this patchwork mini tote, the pattern is from Patchwork & Quilting issue 17. They made it as a lunch bag, but I thought it would be a cute project bag.

I used the last bit of lining fabric for an inside pocket, using the selvedge edge as a feature. The scraps I used for the patchwork are some that are in the sewing machine dress I made a while ago. It's such a nice neat shape and is the right size for a small crochet project.

And then came these ones.
 I'm enjoying watching various knitting podcasts at the moment and everyone seems to have lovely fabric project bags for their sock or shawl project. They seemed easy enough to make, and I spent a pleasant walk home from work one day daydreaming about how I could 'do the zip'

As soon as I got home I had to have a go at making one, to see if my zip idea would work out.

The hook keyring was a free gift in another magazine. I don't remember which one, it was a knitting one anyway.

So this is the first bag. I think I was concentrating on the zip part so much I didn't pay attention to the gusset at the bottom and got my dimensions a bit strange.

It would look more in proportion if the zip went this way!
However, it's still does the job and is nice and roomy so I am making use of it.

Number 3 is made with this wonderful coloured poppy print fabric - I love it! This print was always catching my eye when I delved into my fabric stash looking for stuff so I wanted to use it for a bag as I know it will make me happy whenever I see it sitting on the side.

This next one is my least favourite. I love the grey print but I'm not happy teaming it with the pink gingham. Having said that I don't mind it too much and this one is a nice big size so is useful for a slightly bigger project.

And it has something very yummy inside !!!!

These green, white and black ones are my favourites so far. By this time I've got my measurements right and making method down to a T, so they were a very satisfying, quick make. And useful too.

I haven't gone into production or anything. I will make use of a few of these and give some away as presents. But they are such a fun project in themselves and have satisfied my sewing urge this week :O)

'till next time...


  1. Hi! I loved your project bag tutorial, and I have a question about it, but I couldn't comment on your tutorial. I have 1/2 yard each of outer fabric and inner fabric, is that enough to make the bag in your tutorial? I'm very new to sewing and am a very devoted knitter, but i've always wanted to make mymown project bags. Thank you for your time and have a great day :)


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