My first pair of hand-knitted socks :0)

I have knitted my first pair of socks!!

Knitting socks, in the round, with DPN's always seemed such a mystery to me (I can include mitts in this as well) but I have always so wanted to make some and there is loads of gorgeous sock yarn and sock patterns available that are so appealing. 
Over time I have collected together sock related bits and pieces - the blockers, the needles, some cute stitch markers and of course plenty of seriously wonderful yarn (including some hand dyed) In fact I ordered a kit to make some dk socks at least a year ago but up until now I haven't felt brave enough to give them a go.

Seeing my ever-growing stash of sock paraphernalia made me decide to cast on, it would be a waste not to. I used Louise Tilbrook's Socks for beginners pattern and some Wendy Roam Fusion yarn (colour Heath) and found some courage to get started. And all went well! There were a few ripping back moments but I got into the swing of it and enjoyed making them immensely. 

They are a bit loose, although not so that I can't wear them and I absolutely love wearing them so much! They are softer than they look and I'm surprised at the fact that I'm not bothered about them not matching! I did attempt to match them up, the cuffs start the same but then the colours in the yarn do their own thing so I went with it and am delighted with the outcome.
(Really you would not believe how happy I am with my achievement)

So now on to my next pair. I'm thinking about tension, changing needle size maybe? Or maybe my natural tension will tighten up? I'll see...

I have got the sock-making bug good and proper!

'till next time...


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