Hexagon Haze Cowl

You can really see how soft this cowl is in the last photo can't you? Wonderful Rowan yarn, in soft feminine colours.
The Hexagon Haze Cowl was 'ordered' by my eldest. She asked for a cowl in these colours, the rest was up to me. I like commissions like that!
The hexagon pattern was something I made up at least a year ago whilst on the journey back from Bristol ( husband was driving) and filed away in my mind under 'a possible thing for sometime in the future'. The future is here I guess :o)
The pretty flower centred hexagons are joined with the 'join-as-you-go' method giving the cowl a lovely drape, it drapes well anyway, thanks to the light as a feather yarn.

I'm really loving creating my own patterns, and working out the puzzle of how to get the image in my my mind to turn into reality. Sometimes it doesn't work but when it does I get a real sense of satisfaction and achievement! I scratched my head a few times when it came to straightening the edges of the cowl. I needed the stitches in a ascending and descending order to fill the gaps between the hexagon points so I ended up making up a different version of an existing stitch to suit the pattern. I'm certain that this stitch that I used to make the edges straight has been used at some point by somebody, but I have never come across it before, even after a quick Google search. It's basically between a UK treble and a UK double treble, so I called it a UKSDTR - UK short double treble!
Anyway, all is explained in the pattern, that if you like, and are tempted to make, you can get here.

My daughter loves her cowl. I love seeing her wearing it. I loved making it, photographing it and even writing up the PDF pattern including charts and a made up stitch!

I'll touch base soon with you with progress on my Gypsy Blanket, formerly known as the 54 shades of acrylic blanket. I'm still square making at this point, but I have had a few ideas for the border. Thank you so much for all your fantastic comments on the blanket, you guys are great and I really appreciate all your support

take care and have a good day,

'till next time...


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