Happiness on a rainy day quilt

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well? Have you managed to get any hooky time in lately? I've done a few more squares on my gypsy blanket, but haven't had that much time really. Still a small amount of progress is still progress...

Anyway I'm here today to show you my Happiness on a Rainy Day Quilt. This is a bit of a lost leader as I actually finished it quite a while ago. I remember it was around the time I was finishing my Petal Patch blanket and was very focussed on getting the crochet pattern written up and uploading the photo tutorial to my blog. So although I obviously found a minute to finish the sewing part of the quilt, I didn't follow it through with doing the pictures and the write up. Trouble is now I want to get it done I'm struggling to remember all the details and information about how I made it and what materials I used. Still maybe you will still enjoy the pretty pictures and I will put in as much info as I can.

This is a granny square patchwork quilt and I followed Jolene's brilliant tutorial here. The design is based on crochet granny square blankets so of course appeals to me. The fabrics for the coloured squares are mainly Pam Kitty prints from lovely Jessie's shop, (I think that is some Lecien in there too) with the plain fabric for the sashing and the chevron print I used for the backing and binding here

I always appreciate help when I'm doing a photo shoot :o)

Size wise it measures 158cm x 130cm and as you can see I used little scraps of the printed fabrics to do a narrow stripe in the border. Following the tutorial meant it was easier to achieve accuracy with seam matching, so I found it very useful indeed.

The name for this quilt comes from the colours I've chosen, the bright , happy prints against the grey background. And also because it always seemed to be raining outside when I was happily sewing this indoors. Bad weather is one of the best excuses to have a crafty crafting day!

There was even grey rain clouds present when I was taking my pictures in the garden, quite poetic I thought!

I'm glad I've got round to showing you my quilt, I love it so much and had lots of fun making it in the first place. It's always a joy to share it here with you too, the icing on the cake of the project journey.

Have a lovely day,

'till next time...


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