Gypsy Blanket

My gypsy blanket - formerly known as 54 shades of acrylic is finished!! And I am so happy how it's turned out!

I actually finished it Sunday evening, and can't believe it's taken this long to get round to sharing it with you, but I've been busy as usual! Monday is a work day for me and when I come home and have a quick slurp of tea and then head off to Pilates. By the time I get home and get some dinner for myself (everyone else has eaten while I'm out) I'm too tired and good for nothing, so not feeling in the mood to sit at the computer.
Then yesterday after taking my daughter to her orthodontic appointment, which was running late, I then did a food shop and came home and attempted to get my house in some sort of order - a task indeed!
Washing, cleaning, sweeping, tidying - it all takes so much time doesn't it? With my messy lot the housework always seems to be on an industrial scale. You'll have to excuse me, I do enjoy a good old moan about my constant battle with the housework :o)

I also spent time getting ready for the crochet workshop I held last night, and I enjoy my workshops so much! When I first started doing them I would worry so much that I wasn't any good at them and that would stress me out. But after doing a fair few I now feel more comfortable, and as I get regular lovely people coming back again and again I figured I must be doing something right!
Thank you to all my ladies that come to the workshops, it's always so lovely to catch up with you. I will be emailing out soon with the date for the next one.

Anyway, back to my gypsy blanket. Yes I've finished it all and love the way it's worked out. I often start thinking about the border long before I'm ready to work on it, and this was no exception. Even though my thoughts changed a few times along the way, I pretty much ended up with my first idea. The plum colour I used for the border was the obvious choice as it seems to totally bring all the other colours together and frame it nicely. With all the squares joined I worked 4 rounds of htr (UK term, the US term is hdc). On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th round I made the stitches in the 'third' loop at the back. This meant the 2 front loops are forced forward and you get the nice rows of 'v' shapes that look a little bit like rows of knitted stocking stitch. Thank you to Wink for this excellent idea, she has used it on her gorgeous bag pattern that you can see here.

I then finished off with a block edging (find pattern here) which suits it well don't you think?

I've put the blanket straight on my bed and adore how it looks, with all the colours it's such a happy sight. I was a bit worried that by using so many colours it would look a mess but actually I don't think it does at all and am delighted with my scrappy, happy gypsy blanket!


400 x 3 round granny squares using a 4mm hook, joined using the join-as-you-go method.
yarn is mostly Stylecraft Special dk, with some other random acrylic thrown in.
Border made with Styecraft Special dk in colour 'plum'.
Border pattern as described above using a 3.5mm hook.
Size: 160cm x 160cm

Thank you to Sandra who started off the CAL which I took part in meaning this blanket was born :0)

Have a great day my friends,

'till next time...


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