Tough Love...

Sometimes you have to work really hard for something you love don't you?

These gorgeous Pride and Prejudice Mitts were a bit of a challenge for me to say the least. There was no TV on, no one was allowed to speak to me whilst I was working on the them and I wouldn't go near my knitting if I was feeling tired or not at my best.

I made mistakes, I cursed and I pulled back. But I picked up my stitches and persevered and it was really worth all the effort. Now if you are an experienced knitter you probably wouldn't have any trouble with these, it's a great pattern with good instructions. It's simply because I'm still quite a basic knitter that I struggled a bit, however, thanks to You Tube helping me I managed in the end and am unbelievable chuffed at my achievement!!!!

Meeting up with my knitting mentor friend, Sandra, for a visit to Loop shortly after she posted about her super neat mitts meant that she was able to show me the exact delicious yarn she had used for hers. And I just had to get some, in a different colour way, so I could make some too. Oh this yarn is superb, it's not cheap (although probably one of the cheapest in the shop) but it is so beautiful it is worth every penny. Apparently it's hand painted, I have no idea how that is done, and the blobs of colour are divine and make it such a pleasure to knit with. It's almost like every stitch is a different shade, which is quite handy when you need to pick up a dropped one :o)

I love the little twisted rib pattern, the way the stitches cross over each other and that the ribbing continues up the hand, tapering off to a single one in the middle. Beautiful design, gorgeous yarn, and despite my difficulties I enjoyed the making process immensely.

The designer is Christelle Nihoul and the yarn I used is Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino in colour P513X352. A truly wonderful combination.

While I was still knitting these I said that when they were finished I would display them in a glass cabinet as a testament to my knitting achievement.

I haven't though. I love wearing them too much!

'till next time...


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