Round and Round Mini Quilt

It's been a lovely sunny morning here, but with a chilly wind that has now blown the grey clouds over the sky, and chased Mr Sun away. Silly me for wanting him to go in earlier so I could attempt take some decent pictures of my finished mini quilt.
You can see in this photo the glorious sunlight coming in from the glass ceiling in my Craft Corridor, but as I type there are hail stones plummeting to the ground outside. No kidding. What strange weather. Still, I do live in England so what do I expect?

But I am super happy with my little quilty thing. This cute pattern is available to buy here and it's a pleasure to sew.

Being so small it is a fiddle to make, well I found it fiddly, but it's charm is in it's cute size and I adore this little thing. I have displayed it above my sewing machine, kind of to one side as I would like to display more mini quilts and maybe crochet pot holders here over time.

I spotted the first colourful sign of spring in our garden at the weekend

and my husband did the first lawn cut of the year yesterday. Cutting the grass is one of his jobs and it has come to be known as the 'Manic Monday Mow'. He's in charge at home on Mondays while I'm at work and he speeds through his to do list as quick as he can, so he can sit down and have a cuddle

The garden does look quite tidy though, he made a good job!

Tonight is my Crochet Wash Cloth workshop at Fancy. I've been sorting out the colours in the Drops Paris yarn I ordered for the lovely ladies I have coming, and I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone. I am notoriously bad at remembering to take photos at my workshop, but I will try and remember to take some tonight.

Believe it or not, Mr Sun has made an appearance again!
Yay for Mr Sun!

'till next time...


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