Deer Baby Blanket

Hello there all my lovely friends, I hope you are all well and happy?

I could very easily start every single blog post with 'oh it's been such a busy week, with so much going on. And I'm behind in everything!' But it is how it is and actually I wouldn't want it any other way. Family life keeps me very busy of course but it is all good and I'm thinking of it in a more positive way, as in: life is full. Full of lots of joyful stuff to do!

This does mean I feel a little behind in my blog and I do have loads to tell you, but today I will concentrate on my Deer Baby Blanket ta-dah post, so I hope you will enjoy it!

I used this pattern to make my cute blanket. It was a joy to make, and I learnt things as I went along because I haven't really done that much colour work in crochet before. There is a lot of counting involved, a bit like cross-stitch, but once you get into it a bit it's fine, with only a bit of tangled yarn to deal with :o)

Talking of yarn I used Drops Nepal which is a wool and Alpaca blend. Very nice to work with, I love the thick wooly feel it has. I used colours 6220 medium blue, 1477 pistachio, 3720 medium pink, 0100 off white and 0612 medium brown.

The truth is I had some tension issues with this. I had started crocheting around the yarn that drapes across from colour to colour, but then changed to just leaving it hanging free on the reverse side as the pattern stated. Not sure if this was the reason the top half was looser than from his little tummy downwards, but the sky measured a few cms wider than the grass did! I blocked it before doing the border and it did felt slightly, but in actual fact I quite liked this effect and thought it made it look quite vintage.

For the backing I lined the blanket with a deer print by the Copenhagen Print Factory called bambi forest organic. I had bought some soft buttery yellow fleece initially but it didn't really go that well colour wise and then when I discovered this print from the Brighton Sewing Centre I knew it was perfect for the job!

So I'm very happy with this cute deer blanket, very happy indeed! My little girl, who I made it for loves it too but does get cross as she can't quite wrap it around herself when she wants to be warm. It's a bit too small for that.

Not to worry though, she's busy making her Easter Bonnet!

'till next time...


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