Hello Lovelies!
I thought I would pop by and share with you my progress on the blanket I'm making as part of Sandra's blanket-along.
I wanted to take part in her CAL as I'd never joined in one before. (There was a time when I was totally baffled at what CAL stood for - I'm not a fan of abbreviations, which, working for the council means I'm at a serious disadvantage)
Anyway I thought I would pick up an oldish WIP (there I go again with the abbrev.) as a means of getting it finished. However, whilst at my crochet workshop at the beginning of March I was teaching a couple of beginners how to make 3 round granny squares. If there is time I will also demonstrate how to do the join-as-u-go method, and had a sample piece of about 5 or 6 joined squares to show the newbies. This demonstration piece was made up of random colours of dk yarn, it had a charming quality to it and I could really imagine it on a larger (blanket size) scale looking pretty good.
So there a new blanket project was born, and in my wisdom I decided to make this blanket in 3 round grannies, with every single colour acrylic dk yarn I had in my stash!

Except the black - I did leave that colour out.

I counted up the colours - 54 in total and thought it was hilarious to name the blanket "54 shades of acrylic blanket" - I know I have a dreadful sense of humour. The majority of the yarn is Stylecraft Special DK with some Woman's Institute thrown in. I did ditch the matador red stylecraft after the middles were made as I couldn't cope with the luridness. But I soon replaced it with Zing which is a Stylecraft Life yarn (and it says it's dk on the ball band but it feels more like a 4ply to me, but great colour so it had to be included)

I had the small sample piece that I started with (which had grown slightly by this stage) and then I worked out how many middles in each colour I needed (5) and made all of them. Then I picked up a colour and used it to do 5 'round 2's' on different colour middles. I was using a 2 bag system, I'd pick up the first colour from number 1 bag and once I had done the required number in that colour the ball would be put in number 2 bag.
I was getting a bit sick of having loads of big 100g balls of yarn down the side of my chair in 2 large shopping bags, so when it came to round 3 (the joining round) I measured off the approximate length of yarn for each square (5 times) and stored them in a basket, so I was able to put all the big balls of yarn away.

And so this is the stage I'm at. I'm having so much fun with the colour play and have quite fallen for this blanket. I have decided to go bigger and have revised the initial 17 x 17 squares to 20 x 20. I will make the extra 111 when I have finished this first batch.

I've still a way to go but am enjoying making my blanket immensely!

Oh and by the way, it's now called my Gypsy Blanket.
Because really that's what it is.

'till next time...


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